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For many years, Salt Cay was the center of the salt industry in the Caribbean
and a rich heritage remains for the people who call Salt Cay home.
Drawing from the history of Salt Cay, it is my mission to use renewable,
organic resources to create unique products for today's modern world.

Embracing the SLOW LIFE philosophy,
pioneered by the internationally acclaimed Six Senses (
I strive to create a sustainable local business using organic, wholesome products
that will also allow and inspire learning and fun experiences for all of those who use them.
Salt Cay Salt Works uses the organic sea salt formed naturally on Salt Cay
to make Bath Salts, Culinary Salts and the premier cooking salt, Fleur de Sel. 
We package these salts in a variety of corked  tubes, bottles and jars ready for your bath, table or kitchen
or to use as gifts and mementos of your visit to the Turks and Caicos Islands.  
We also manufacture lovely scented soaps for your pleasure.
Local residents from the island of Salt Cay labor to provide these special, natural products from our little piece of paradise. 
We hope you find them delightful and enjoy using them in your home.

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