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Fleur de Sel
is what gourmet chefs around the world call their "finishing" salt.  
Fleur de Sel
is harvested from the top layer of salt as it is formed in the ponds.  
The white crystals shine like diamonds in the sun.  
Our sea salt is hand-raked from the ponds on our little island in the Turks and Caicos.  
Our ponds have been in use for hundreds of years and have been producing the
cleanest and purest salt to be found in North America for many years.  
Although we no longer have full production occuring on our island,
enough sea salt is naturally harvested and dried in the island sun
for us to fulfill the needs to our small salt business
and for guests and tourists to enjoy a taste of Salt Cay.  
Fleur de Sel comes in tall recycled bottles, small corked tubes and in re-usable glass grinders.