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I first came to Salt Cay in 1993 with my family for a scuba diving vacation.  
From the first visit, we knew Salt Cay was a special place and it kept calling us to return, year after year.  
In 1999, my husband and I decided to purchase an old saltraker cottage ruin and build a small island getaway home.
By 2005, I was living in Salt Cay more of the year than in our other house in Florida and we became permanent residents of the island.  
Early on, I did some research about sea salt and picked up some recipes for making bath salts and scrubs.  I never lost interest, but just got busy doing other things.  
Then, on a visit with a friend to a shop in Grand Turk one day in 2010 I saw a display of bath sea salts and scrubs that had not been made locally and I said...we can do that right on Salt Cay!!  
So, upon my return to the island that day, I started asking one of my neighbors if he could collect some salt for me.  
The next day he brought me a bucket of beautiful, sparkling sea salt that had been formed naturally right in our "backyard"!  
My friend had many creative ideas that got us started and before you know it, we were mixing and making all kinds of wonderful salts!  
She moved off the island shortly afterwards,  and before long it was clear that this was a little business that could provide work for some of my island neighbors.
What started as a little idea, Salt Cay Salt Works now employs 6 people on a regular basis, along with opportunities for many folks to collect salt or recycle bottles for extra income.
      The Salt ladies and I have worked to create formulas and mixtures for bath salts and scrubs that are gentle on the skin with scents that are pleasing and refreshing.  
     We create soaps that are fanciful in design yet fragrant and sudsy. 
     Our culinary salts are a combination of our love of cooking, seasoning foods and the fun of entertaining with specialty drinks and salted glass rims.
     The Fleur de Sel line of products offers the premier Salt Cay finishing salt in many different sizes and containers. 
     Salt Cay Salt Works endeavors to provide opportunities of employment for my island neighbors in collecting sea salt, recycling bottles, producing usable salt products and packaging and decorating containers for our clients. 
 Salt Cay Salt Works is an enviromentally friendly cottage industry on Salt Cay in the Turks and Caicos Islands
promoting organic products, recycling and local employment.